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Folkspaper Earning Tutorial Pivot hapo style all

folkspaper Same To Same Pivot & Hapo Style App
Free 20000 Power = 0.0002btc     
No Need KYC
Must Enter Referral Code To Get Power (  )
1. App Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.folkspaper.www
2. Opeb the folkspaper App   
Click Menu (Top 3 Right Lines)   
Click Login / Sign Up   
Click I'm 16+ And Accept   
Scroll Down + Click Sign Up
3.  Completed Register Account
 Create Username   
 Enter Email  
 Create + Confirm Password   
 Click Send + Enter Code   
 Enter Code:    
 Click Next   
 Enter Mobile Number   
 Click Send & Enter Code   
 Click Sign In
4. Click Accept + Make A Post
 Please Create 3 Posts
DoNE .... !!!!   Happy Earning ... !!!
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