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10 Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic In 2020

#1 Write more list posts.
The results are in and list-style blog posts
are as popular as ever. It’s no wonder
Buzzfeed has so many of them. A study by
BuzzSumo found that List Posts dominated as
the most referred content type of all
categories. What does a list post look like?
This blog post you’re reading is one!
#2 Optimise your Google
Business profile.
Your local SEO is incomplete without
claiming and verifying your Google business
profile. Every extra layer of detail, reviews
and images added increase your chances of
showing on map and google search. Here are
some quick tips to improve your profile and
get more exposure:
(1) Make sure all the contact fields are
complete and match your website,
(2) Ensure your category is relevant and add
two or three sub-categories,
(3) Get as many 5 stars customer reviews as
(4) Upload your brand logo and images,
(5) Utilise the new Google posts feature to
share updates.
#3 Create viral giveaways
with KingSumo.
Social media giveaways are a great strategy
to quickly gain awareness and email leads. A
simple giveaway contest is easy to set up
and very inexpensive. A well selected gift
voucher or book giveaway usually does the
trick. KingSumo allows free contest
giveaways and has inbuilt social media
sharing features that incentivise people to
share with friends to earn more entries.
#4 Build Backlinks.
A backlink is a link back to your website
from another source. They play an important
role in driving traffic back to your site and
build trust between you and Google, because
your website authority ranking increases.
The best way to build backlinks is to write
content for (or be featured in) media outlets
and other websites in your industry. PS —
Never fall for a service that will sell you
backlinks (Google will penalise you).
IMG source: SiteChecker.pro
#5 Reply to Q&A websites.
Have you ever typed in a question on Google
and your answer showed up on Quora or
Stack Exchange? Q&A Websites are traffic
machines. In fact, Quora is in the top 200
most popular websites in the world. Identify
key topics and questions in your industry,
then make an effort to answer them
concisely. Don’t forget to include a link to
your website where appropriate.
#6 Get interviewed on
Podcasts are exploding in popularity in
Australia and the US. Hosting your own
podcast or being featured in someone else’s
can be a great source of web traffic. The
backlink also improves your website
credibility. Do an analysis of all the relevant
podcasts in your industry and reach out to
the show to request a feature interview or
contribution to an episode.
#7 Publish blog articles on
Linkedin in is a good place to syndicate your
content. Whether it’s a new post, or reviving
an old blog… Publishing articles on Linkedin
is a free and easy way to drive traffic. Keep
your word count around 400-900 words, use
a clear headline and relevant hashtags.
#8 Utilise Instagram Stories.
The Instagram algorithm is getting tougher to
beat by each passing year. A great way to
keep followers engaged is to post regular
stories. You can use stories to create a more
personal, deeper engagement with your
followers and call them to action (like
clicking a link in your bio). Stories are an
effective way to speak directly with your
audience and get into the header of their
instagram home screen. If someone watches
your story regularly, you’ll keep appearing
in their feed again and again.
IMG Source: Buffer Blog
#9 Retarget with Facebook
Facebook advertising is getting expensive,
but retargeting is a great loophole to take
existing traffic and bring them back to your
website to educate further or remind them to
purchase. To set up retargeting ad you’ll
need to create a Facebook Pixel on your
website. You can then create an audience for
anyone who’s visited your website in the last
30 days (or more). This allows you to run an
‘retargeting ad’ to only that specific
IMG source: Advertizing-AZ
#10 Transcribe your videos
and repurpose them across
multiple channels.
About 8 billion videos are viewed everyday
on Facebook. Most of these video views
occur on mobile, and one study found 85%
are watched without sound. This suggests
three things you should consider when
shooting a video:
(1) Place your subjects in the middle of the
frame so that your video can be cropped to
square (1:1 ratio) for mobile consumption.
(2) Transcribe your videos using an
inexpensive service like Rev.com
(3) Upload your square video to Facebook
with captions, but also upload widescreen to
Youtube, then go even further… Copy the
transcription into a blog post with the
embedded Youtube video. This repurposes
your video and gives you a backlink with
Youtube and plenty of keywords in the
transcript for rich website SEO.

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