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LinkedIn tips: 10 ways to improve your profile in 2020

Craft a compelling summary
Many people won’t make it past the first page of your
profile, so make sure you include a concise but
intriguing intro. “Be sure to include recent, relevant,
measurable achievements in your summary to stand out
from the crowd of people who do what you do,” says
Lisa Rangel, founder and managing director
of Chameleon Resumes .
2. Articulate your professional experience
Don’t simply list your employer and title in the work
experience section. “Include a short summary of your job
responsibilities, but also include major
accomplishments, metrics, or relevant projects you are
proud of,” Spathis says. “If you’ve received promotions,
be sure to include all titles under the company and list
out different job responsibilities per title.”
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3. Populate your skills section
“Include technologies, software, and systems you have
experience with,” advises Spathis. Even if your role as an
IT leader is naturally less technical in nature, it remains
important to stay technologically relevant.
4. Include links to personal projects
Have a portfolio? A GitHub account? A link to a project
or case study PDF? Publish those. “This is a great way to
demonstrate accomplishments or experience,” says
5. Consider the algorithms
Just as with your resume, your profile will be parsed by
machines. Proceed wisely. “In your profile or resume,
you might be tempted to throw in words that you think
will get noticed by the machine learning algorithm.
However, if a company is sifting through a collection of
documents it will likely filter out words used by many
people or that are filler words. If everyone wrote the
words ‘innovative’ or ‘leadership’, then the algorithm
might filter those words out, even if these words are
individually important to the text being analyzed,” says
Pat Ryan, executive vice president of enterprise
architecture at SPR. “In this case, you might want to look
for words that have similar meanings but might not be
commonly used.”
6. Establish yourself as a thought leader
LinkedIn is not just a resume repository; it’s a content-
sharing platform, offering a great opportunity to display
your relevance. “Share articles you’ve been quoted in or
links to conferences you’ve spoken at to showcase
you’re a thought leader in your industry,” Spathis says.
7. Be a follower
Join relevant groups and follow organizations or thought
leaders relevant to your skill sets and interests. “Groups
for tech professionals offer a forum to discuss trends in
the industry or questions related to any problems or
questions tech professionals may be having in their
space,” Spathis says. “You may be alerted about
different network events or meetups through these
groups as well.”
8. Always be connecting
Get in the habit of adding to your network in the
moment. “If you meet someone, especially at a
networking event, send a LinkedIn invite to connect,”
says Spathis. “It is a great way to follow your
professional network, help them in celebrating
accomplishments, and see where their career takes
9. Go 360 with your recommendations
“Any and all recommendations are great. However, be
sure to diversify them,” says Spathis. Include a
recommendation not just from your boss, but from a
former colleague, vendor, or business partner. “Switching
up the perspective of the recommendations shows
different sides of you as a working professional, like how
it is to manage you and what it’s like to work with you,”
Spathis says.
10. Conduct an annual (or even quarterly)
spring cleaning

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